Kate Sullivan © Copyright 2002

Nothing is forever made.
All things in time will bloom and fade.
We venture forth in plans best laid
for happiness.

But what is happiness to us?
Security, because we must
Protect against what frightens us:
All mystery?

No wonder it eludes the soul
To think we have that much control.
We calculate, we set our goals
and grab the reins.

But these are not the ways of trees
The flora, fauna, birds and bees.
The winter comes, they feel the freeze
and wait it out.

So there’s the flow that‘s hard to see
When cluttered up with such debris
As obligations, “shoulds,” and we
lose sight of things.

Unless I spend some time alone
Examining my unturned stones
Acknowledging the aching bone
I can’t be free.

But then connected once again
To all that I have ever been,
I finally allow surrender
to the flow.

And therein lies my sweet release:
Abandonment and worry cease
To occupy the place where peace
has always been.

Security does not exist.
It’s clear that I need not resist.
I’m signing on in nature’s tryst
to just let go.

We are part of everything.
There’s your reason, ride the swing!
Grab your partner, dance and sing,
’Cause now I know.


Love is the Tonic
Kate Sullivan © Copyright 2002

Magnetic pictures of what’s in my head:
Does the spotlight illumine the private and personal?

Lurid scenarios from pathology to pathos,
Rootless meanderings and moments of vertigo…

Enter the chamber of dark possibility,
Charting my progress or destruction.

Loved ones before me not faring as well
Haunting my memory---Is this reading?

Craving oblivion, I come home to you
A contrast from overcast to blue
From worst to best
From cursed to blessed

(Tonus Peregrinus:) Love is the Tonic.
Patience the balm.
Faith is the anodyne.

Menacing microscopes probing the depths,
New-age facists are scratching the surface.

Brandishing evidence, they blame me for this,
My stigma their soapbox: I am imperfect.

Brash proclamations, simplistic and smug,
Asinine musings, and rampant self-righteousness…

Garner my courage; the drone is unreal---
Dogmatic delusions under the guise of love.

Craving oblivion, I come home to you,
And sure enough I’m reminded
These are just nuisances, and those fade away.
There’s no eclipsing a joy like this…

(Tonus Peregrinus:) Love is the Tonic.
Patience the balm.
Faith is the anodyne.


Kate Sullivan © Copyright 2004

I've been counting my stars,
Most of them bright,
All of them wished on
I can't believe what I see
All this luck is for me
What a staggering sight

You there, warming the room
Changing a place
Just by standing there.
I swear you're lit from within
Your arms take me in
And I gotta stay

Somehow he always smells like spring
Really, I couldn't make this up
To you I wanna be married

Hitch me up to a love
That's light as the air and fluid like water.

It's a heavenly thing that I recognized
The words in your silence

Lovely too was how you could see all the stillness behind my words
You catch me not feeling safe
And patiently wait for me to unfold

Just because it is legal
Doesn't mean it can't be beautiful too
And beautiful and legally mine
I promise to give you

You're so much fun
To you I want to be married
Passion and mystery
Trust and levity


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